The revolutionary locking system

With the blueChip system, we have revolutionised the world of access control management. Winkhaus is the only provider in the market offering electronic locking systems which can be activated with a passive key in conventional cylinder construction.

Winkhaus blueChip – the first electronic locking system


The blueChip success story began in 1998. It is a technology that revolutionised the market for locking systems: A fully electronic locking system with compact, battery-operated cylinders and passive keys. It was the world’s first key operated electronic locking system and can be used in all doors which are prepared for Euro profile cylinders.

blueChip has sustainably simplified the planning and management of locking systems. All components can be managed individually, even with temporal limitations on the access rights.
Lost keys – associated with high costs for mechanical systems due to the required replacement of the locking system – no longer matter with this system, because the lost key is simply deleted.
Today, blueChip technology organises the access control and use of the building technology in buildings for a wide variety of applications; it logs locking events and calculates user-related performance – custom-tailored to each project and wherever access must be flexibly organised. The successful development of blueChip was followed by  blueSmart, the second generation of electronic access organisation from Winkhaus. blueSmart combines all the advantages of blueChip and offers further advantages, such as the possibility of virtual networking and, for example, optimised battery management.


blueChip key


The latest generation of electronic accessmanagement

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