Administration and public facilities

Heavily frequented buildings with numerous rooms place high demands on the locking system. They should remain open for large numbers of people entering from day to day, but both people and the facility should be safe. blueSmart and blueChip from Winkhaus succeed in bridging the gap between high flexibility and reliable control.

In buildings with purely mechanical systems, the management of a nearly unmanageable number of keys often requires an enormous effort on the part of the facility management. Moreover, the usually large number of locking authorisations entails the risk of key loss. Enormous costs can then arise due to the necessary replacement of cylinders. With an electronic locking system from Winkhaus, one key can replace an entire set of keys. Tis simplifies the management of the entire locking system. In addition, costs and risks can be reduced considerably, because if a key is lost, the electronic key is quickly blocked in the central computer and thus no longer authorised for locking operations.


Schulzentrum Ahaus

Ahaus, Germany

Training centre Ahaus

Dealing with the loss of keys has been a part of the caretaker's day-to-day activities at the school complex in Ahus for many years.

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Stadtwerke Erfurt

Erfurt, Germany

Public utility company Erfurt

After the restructuring of the corporation and the introduction of a new security concept, the mechanical locking system of the public utility company in Erfurt had finally reached its capacity. 

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Zweckverband Ostholstein

Sierksdorf, Germany

Association Ostholstein

The head of the real estate department at the Zweckverband Ostholstein (ZVO) estimates a reduced time expenditure of around 90 per cent with blueChip.  

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Isernhagen Municipality

Isernhagen, Germany

Isernhagen Municipality

Tapping the full potential for energy conservation in buildings will play an increasingly important role for operators and users over the next few years.

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