Turn fittings

easyPilot from Winkhaus

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Valued worldwide

The comprehensive turn window fitting programming from Winkhaus offers numerous solutions that are sought after in international markets, in particular. The high level of operating convenience and the sturdy Winkhaus quality convince customers worldwide.
easyPilot Cobra

easyPilot Cobra

The edge-mortice bolt system.has achieved such a high level of international success thanks to its burglary-resistant properties.

easyPilot Soleil

easyPilot Soleil

As a compactly structured modular system, the fitting was specially developed for the requirements in the French market.


easyPilot Care

The hook lock for turn, tilt or top-hung windows enjoys widespread popularity in the Netherlands.


easyPilot Duplex

The flexible window fitting is used predominantly in turn windows which open outwards.


easyPilot Nordic

The rounded assortment of fittings matches the inwards and outwards-opening windows in Scandinavia with just a few components.