activPilot Select

The fully concealed turn-tilt fitting system.

With activPilot Select, Winkhaus offers a fully concealed turn-tilt fitting, which means that the visual advantage of invisibility can also be achieved for heavy windows and doors up to 150 kg.

A fitting system that is easy to install thanks to its intelligent modular construction, and that can be modified to reflect changing requirements at any stage.

Innovative technology that adds hidden strength:

activPilot Select opens up a new world of opportunities to window and building component manufacturers. Sashes weighing up to 150 kg with a surface area of 3 m² are easy to handle with this innovative turn-tilt fitting. activPilot Select therefore fulfils modern architectural requirements in new buildings and restoration work, also with regard to energy efficiency. Now, large-surface triple glazing is no problem.

The standard activPilot Select model will bear up to 100 kg. It is also possible to increase the load bearing capacity from 100 kg to max. 150 kg at a later stage. Two easily retrofittable add-on components are all you need.

Flexible configuration – fast installation.

activPilot Select’s user-friendly design offers window builders vastly simplified and accelerated installation and adjustment of the fittings with no special tools. No need for special drilling or complicated milling when producing windows. Locking points can be moved right into the corners – for more stability and safety. Depending on the sash weight, sashes can be fitted by a single qualified employee.


High load bearing capacity up to 100 kg sash weight in standard version of the fitting.


With just two add-on components, you can increase the load bearing capacity from 100 kg to up to 150 kg.

activPilot Select

  • For elements with a fitting groove of 9 or 13 mm
  • Sash to frame clearance 12 mm (usage range of keeps 9.8 to 14 mm)
  • Independent of the overlap (max. 20 mm)
  • Opening width up to approx. 95°
  • Can be adjusted without special tools

activPilot Select – aluminium

  • For aluminium systems with 16 mm fitting groove
  • Shear and corner hinges adapted to suit the frame profile
  • Shear and corner hinges with bayonet lock – can be installed without pre-drilling the frame
  • Keeps adapted to the frame geometry
  • Max. sash weight 150 kg

activPilot Select – timber

  • For 9 mm eurogroove position the standard rebate must be at least 20 mm
  • Can be used for 13 mm eurogroove position and 25 mm standard rebate and more

activPilot Select – PVC-U

  • Shear and corner hinge angle with 29 mm installation depth, adapted to practically all standard profile systems
  • Keeps adapted to the frame geometry

For use with wooden windows


Bayonet closure of the corner hinge (activPilot Select - aluminium)

For windows made of wood, PVC-U and aluminium

Sash dimensions:

  • Min. sash rebate height 230 mm
  • Min. sash rebate width 380 mm
  • Max. sash rebate height: 2800 mm
  • Max. sash rebate width: 1725 mm
  • Proportions: SRW:SRH ≤ 2:1
  • Max. sash weight: 150 kg *

Setting options:

Sash corner hinges:

  • Height adjustment: + 3/- 2 mm
  • Sideways adjustment +/- 2 mm
  • Closing pressure adjustment: +/- 0.8 mm



  • Can be raised 2.5 mm and lowered 1.5 mm

* The binding sash weights and sash sizes can be found in the relevant technical catalogues and application diagrams they contain.


Various adjustment possibilities on the sash / corner hinge

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