activPilot Topstar

Fully concealed power pack for aesthetic wooden windows

The inwards-running movement kinematics of the activPilot Topstar enable up to 130kg windows, flush-mounted on the inside, to be produced with narrow shadow gaps. The activPilot Topstar is therefore ideal for design-oriented and modern window elements.

The inwards-running movement kinematics of the activPilot Topstar enables windows to be produced that are flush-mounted on the inside with shadow gaps from 4 mm. For use in recessed profiles, a free size of the frame from 4 mm to the wall lining can be achieved.

The activPilot Topstar is produced using high-strength steel and, despite the compact design, enables safe operation of sashes weighing up to 130 kg. Hardened steel plates also help to prevent wear and tear on sensitive friction surfaces and thereby improve the service life of the hinge parts.

During the development of the activPilot Topstar, great importance was placed on ease of installation and easy accessibility of the adjusting screws in addition to the technical properties. Ergonomic fitting of the sash, as the tilted sash finds the fitting points itself. This prevents the hinges from being subjected to adverse loads from the outset.
activPilot Topstar

Narrow gap dimensions are possible

activPilot Topstar

Highly robust steel and stainless steel plates help prevent wear and tear

activPilot Topstar

Lowering of the sash into tilt position for fitting

activPilot Topstar

  • Can be used for 13 mm groove centre position from a rebate depth of 24 mm
  • For large and heavy sashes weighing up to 130 kg with no additional components to transfer the load
  • Suitable for wooden profiles that are flush-mounted on the inside and rebated wooden profiles
  • Suitable for narrow frames with small free size of the frame
  • Max. opening angle 95°


Winkhaus Plus

+ Can be combined easily with the activPilot modular system
+ Compatible with top rails from the activPilot Select product range
+ Easy three-dimensional adjustment
+ Comfortable fitting – simply lower the sash onto the hinge brackets in slightly tilted position
+ Energy-saving effect – sealing plane is not interrupted

activPilot Topstar

Application in wooden windows (flush mounted)

activPilot Topstar

Application in wooden windows (rebated)

For wooden windows

Sash dimensions:

  • Min. sash rebate height 230 mm
  • Min. sash rebate width 380 mm
  • Max. sash rebate height: 2800 mm
  • Max. sash rebate width: 1725 mm
  • Side ratio: SRW:SRH ≤ 2:1
  • Max. sash weight: 130 kg *


Adjustment options:

Sash corner hinge:

  • Height adjustment: + 2 /- 1.5 mm
  • Side adjustment: + 2.5 / - 1.5 mm
  • Contact pressure adjustment: +/- 0.8 mm



  • Can be raised by 2.5 mm and lowered by 1.5 mm


 * The binding sash weights and sash sizes can be found in the relevant technical catalogues and usage diagrams they contain.

activPilot Topstar

Setting corner and sash hinges

activPilot Topstar

Setting shear

activPilot Topstar

Setting the contact pressure in the sash hinge

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